5 important tips to buy a push chair

If you are ready to purchase a push chair for you baby, it is important to consider the following tips to choose the right product.

1. Adaptable handles

The type of handles in a billie faiers pushchair are determined by the factor of your height. If you are a short person and only you will be using this chair, then it is ok to buy a fixed handle one, but if you are short and your husband, nanny or anyone else that is going to be pushing this chair while helping you along with then baby is taller, then you need to have changeable handles for the billie faiers pushchair.

2. Brake system

Check carefully about the brake in the billie faiers pushchairs. If it is too small, it will become very difficult to maneuver while you're out shopping or walking. There are many times when you need to fix the push chair so that it doesn't move.

3. proper padding

The material inside the pushchair should be very soft and comfy for the baby. The baby should not be allowed to roll over in the chair. On the other hand, too much padding might also be a bad idea since it could actually suffocate the baby during warm weather or summer months

4. Lower bar

Make sure that the lower bar doesn't hit you while you're walking and is placed in a position which does not cause problems for you. A hit could even result in a fracture of the toes or breaking the nails while you're walking fast to get to your destinaion.

5. Additional space for basket

They should be additional space for shopping basket to place all your groceries, extra baby bags and clothes in it. It would also be a good idea if there are separate pockets and partitions made inside the chair.